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Sensuous Beauty Customer CommentsDuring our many years in business, we have received so much appreciation from our customers..To give you an idea of what we're about, we've listed some excerpts from customer cards, letters and comments here. We welcome your feedback , so drop us a line!




"I am a practicing herbalist and nutritionist and I am very impressed with your products. They are really lovely, beautiful and very clean! I have lots of experience in the field of aromatherapy and it was a joy and a pleasure to meet you and of course to linger amongst the aromas and velvety creams, lotions and potions!"


" I am a 73-year old woman and your products, particularly the Rapturous Rose Vulva Balm, have changed the lives of my husband and I. Prior to finding them, we'd tried any number of products to help with our libido and relationship. Your products make us feel sensual and alive, and the energy we've gotten from the high vibration of the rose has made such an amazing difference to the rejuvenation of our sex life!"


" I was in California visiting a friend & we made the fortunate choice to stop into a wonderful store that carries your products. I was very impressed with your line of Love Nectar Potions."


" Your Come Hither Sultry Scent is the official scent of our nursing class. We all use it and love it! Just yesterday I had a person follow me around the grocery store before coming up to me and asking me what I was wearing because it smelled so good!"


" I think you ladies make the best products on the planet!"


" Since using your skin care products, my complexion has changed dramatically. I was plagued by cystic acne and everything I tried just made my skin worse. I love that your line is so fresh, food-oriented and simple to use. I love my daily skin care routine and my skin is responding unbelievably well."


" The transformations I've experienced related to my life, sensuality and sexuality are so positive and beneficial. These shifts have affected every aspect of my life in such a deep and nurturing way since I found and started using your products."


"The violet in your products is simply amazing. I have never smelled it naturally or in skin care products before and I just LOVE it!"


" I am a guy that has never used anything on my skin. My wife finally convinced me to try some things from your men's line and I love the colognes, especially the Sweet Woods and Bay Rum, as well as the moisturizer and Passionpitz deodorant. Your products aren't grossly synthetic and seem made with men's tastes in mind."


Our most warm-hearted thanks to the many customers that support our belief that Pleasure Heals, sensuality enlivens and our bodies respond to natural ingredients! We love hearing your stories and how our products have affected your lives.



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